What Qualities Should A Good Mentor Have?

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I have been a voluntary mentor at Association Nydansker since 2011, helping numerous highly educated immigrants with networking, resume and job search, which has helped them facilitate a smoother path into the Copenhagen landscape. I am currently taking a break from this role to build up my business, recently a friend asked me about what characteristics a good mentor should have.

In my opinion, mentors should help to fill your knowledge gaps and seek opportunities to help you grow and excel. Good mentors come in all shapes and sizes, where age, gender and race are irrelevant! A mentor is someone with whom you can let down your guard, share your insecurities and ask "stupid" questions without judgement. So here are the qualities which I think a good mentor should have:

1. Teach you how to think, not what to think
2. Guide you to ask better questions
3. Challenge assumptions
4. Dare you to dream big
5. Expect continuous improvement
6. Be a lifelong student
7. Appreciate self-taught mentees
8. Push you harder than you expect

The more you serve others, the more confident you become!